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Warriors Beat Blazers; Steph Curry leads with 28 pts

Steph Curry explodes for 23 pts in the 3rd quarter

Stephen Curry only played 29:30, but the Golden State Warriors only needed his explosive third quarter to put the Portland Trailblazers away.

Keep calm DubNation. Steph gonna Steph!  The Warriors are starting to look like the juggernaut we expect them to be.

DRAYMOND GREEN: "It was a complete team effort. Everybody was swarming around, getting deflections, cutting off the lane to the rim. We did a lot of things well and I think it was all based on everybody just really flying around and helping each other."

"That was great for us to really come out and put that kind of game together on the defensive end, especially when our defense has been called out -- that there's no anchor and it's not the same and all that -- I think some opinions will change sooner than later. But until then, we'll just keep doing that. And when they change, we'll keep doing that still. It was fun to do that."

Steph Curry Erupts for 23 in the 3rd Quarter

Coach STEVE KERR said, “I told him he looked like Riley Curry in the first half and Steph Curry in the second half.”

Game Notes: 

- Andre Iguodala led Dubs in Plus/Minus with +39 in 24:14 minutes: 11 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast, 1 tov, 1pf.
- David West provided quality 10:56 with +27: 4 pts, 4 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk.
- Kevin Durant led in minutes 30:43 followed by Thomspon 30:13, Green 30;01, Curry 29:30, Clark 25:20, Iguodala 24:14, Pachulia 18:51, Livingston 18:09.
- DNP: Anderson Varejao

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