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Reflecting on High School Draymond Green

Two of Draymond Green's high school coaches discuss the forward's journey to becoming the 2016-17 NBA Kia Defensive Player of the Year.

Draymond Green received a surprise visit from Lou Dawkins, his basketball coach throughout high school, who flew out from Saginaw, Michigan, to join Green at a news conference for both Green and general manager Bob Myers at Monte Vista High. Green, who had not seen Dawkins since last year’s NBA finals, was surprised when he saw his former coach walk through the gym doors.
“I was blessed to have coaches growing up that took the time to teach me fundamentals,” Green said. “I think I’m a pretty good on-the-ball defender but I think I’m a spectacular help defender. I don’t know how many people can say they learned that early. It’s helped me get where I am today and I’m thankful for those lessons.”

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