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Klay Thompson Throws the First Pitch at the A's-Giants Game

The Talented Mr. Thompson

Warriors guard Klay Thompson brought the heat with his ceremonial first pitch of the Bay Bridge Series game between the A's and Giants.

To say Klay Thompson comes from an athletic family might be the understatement of the offseason. His father Mychal was the #1 overall pick in the 1978 NBA Draft, while his mother Julie was a track standout and Division I volleyball player in college. His older brother Mychel plays in the NBA G-League, and his younger brother Trayce is an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that Klay possesses athletic talents beyond basketball. He recently attended a baseball game between the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants, and put that talent on display when he threw the ceremonial first pitch. Golden State Warriors Press Release

Following his impressive throw, Thompson sat down with R.C. Davis to discuss his performance, his love for baseball and how the offseason has been treating him. Listen here for the full interview here, or see below for some of the highlights.
You’re throwing out the first pitch, but you’d probably be here anyway, right?
"I love coming to the Battle of the Bay. It’s a lot of fun. Look at the support. It’s a beautiful day for baseball. I’ve got to support the local teams."
Your brother plays for the Dodgers, but you played little league with Kevin Love.
"Yep, little league with Kevin Love. I thoroughly enjoy baseball. It’s a beautiful sport. Long season. Especially on a day like this, it’s so fun to come to the park, get a hot dog, maybe some nachos…stuff you really can’t eat during the season, so I like to let loose a little bit."
Are you happy with your first pitch performance?
"Very happy. I didn’t soft toss it. I gunned that thing. It was no Kaepernick, but it was pretty close…It might be the best first pitch ever by a Warrior…I saw Draymond’s pitch, Kevin’s pitch…nasty. Steph might be able to toss it pretty good, though. He played baseball, so he might be solid."
How much do you follow the game?
"I enjoy watching, but I really pay attention to the playoffs, because the playoffs are so intense. Every pitch is so huge, and the fandom during the playoffs is crazy. Last year’s World Series was pretty amazing to watch."
How's the offseason going? We saw the failed 360 dunk that Steph trolled you on...
"Yea, Steph’s mean, man [laughs]."
Would you have done the same?
"Oh, no doubt. I would have killed him."
"Summer’s going by fast. That’s what happens when you go to three-straight Finals. I’m just enjoying every day, coming to games like this and just trying to relax before another nine-month grind."
"I’m excited for the season. We’ve got a title to defend, and it’s going to be a great year again, I promise you."
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