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The Best Cheap Pizza in The Bay Area || $5 Lunch

In a place as diverse as The Bay, good affordable food isn't hard to find, but pizza is up for debate.

You can hit up any pizza joint in The Bay and find a good slice. But we’re not looking for good, we’re looking for next-level, mind-blowing deliciousness that’s actually affordable. Join host Nicole Wilhelm as she takes us to the tastiest pizza spot in Oakland for the cheapest lunch our 5 bucks can buy. We’re going to a local, hidden gem that’ll satisfy all your pizza needs. Nick's Pizza in the Bushrod neighborhood of Oakland is a real pizza pleaser that serves authentic Oakland-style pizza and we’re showing you why. On this episode, we’re getting a seasonal, delicious and affordable Japanese Sweet Potato slice. That is, after all, why Thrillist is your go-to, be all end all, for food recommendations. You know the rules: We’ve only got $5, so we need to make every penny count... and we’ve definitely got you covered. - Thrillist

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